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Here are the answers to most common questions:

Do you support Google Drive and Box?

Unfortunately currently Lumemo does not support Google Drive. Still we are looking forward to receive your feedback that we will take into account in future.

Does Marvel delete or modify my Dropbox files?

No, it doesn`t! You cannot use Marvel to modify, delete, or move your Dropbox files.

I have an idea. Can I share it with you?

That is great! We are always open for your ideas and will do our best to help you realize it. Just contact us, we are looking forward to hear from you. email us and we’ll have a chat.

Which browsers can be used for copying the link from it(from what? if Lumemo then just say it) to attach to the voice memo?

Any browser can be used. You can copy the link from any other application on your phone and paste it to Lumemo.

Are you going to create Android Lumemo version?

We will do it per your demand. If you have the desire to use Lumemo on Android, please let us know.

Can I create a text message attached to the location and share it unassociated with the Voice memo?

Unfortunately, you can attach text or location only to a Voice memo. Thus, it is not possible to share it without a voice message.